10 Steps to your Long-Distance Healing Session

You can heal, no matter where you live!

Today's technology make phone and SKYPE sessions easy, available, and as effective as an in-office session. Whether you live locally or miles away, most healing work can be done remotely. All you need is a phone or a computer with a webcam, the desire for change and some privacy.

NOTE: I do reserve the right to stop a remote session that I believe is not appropriate or is not in your best interest. I can refer you to a colleague in your area or to an organization where you can find a qualified professional.

How to prepare for your remote consult --

Your appointment is scheduled by email or phone after a complimentary 15-minute consultation.

IMPORTANT: This is a private session. In order to maintain a clear focus on your personal work, you must eliminate interruptions from family members, electronic devices, and pets. This is nonnegotiable. If there is disruption, I may terminate the call at your expense. There is no refund for interruptions.  You will have to reschedule and prepay for another appointment if I agree to continue. 

1. If you scheduled a PHONE SESSION, call me at 412-344-2272 at the exact time of your appointment. I will be sitting in my office ready for your call. You will have my full attention. I do not answer other calls or respond to email during your paid session. 

    If you opted for an internet SESSION: A free internet phone service called SKYPE or ZOOM are options. You must have a webcam. It is very easy to download SKYPE or ZOOM. Go to http://www.skype.com or http://zoom.com.

    My SKYPE name is sannacarapellotti. Invite me to 'friend you.'

2. Please email me a casual photo of yourself.

3. If you call me after the start time, I can only guarantee the allotted time of the session. I understand that 'things' happen, however, remember you paid for this scheduled time. If you cancel at the last minute, there is a cancellation fee of 75.00. You agreed to this professional time.

4. PAYMENT -- Payment for your session (375.00) must be paid 48 hours before your appointment unless other accommodations have been made. This courtesy guarantees that your appointment time is saved.

There are three options -- A. You can mail a check to Sanna Carapellotti, 43 Hoodridge Dr., Pittsburgh, PA 15228. Make check out to -- Sanna Carapellotti.

                                         B. Pay through PAYPAL: If you do not have a PAYPAL account, you can set up a free account to pay through PAYPAL or use a CC. If you have an account, you can 'send money' to my e-mail address -- sanna@pahyp.com. I will receive a notification that a payment has been made. I will confirm via e-mail that I have received your payment and then your appointment is confirmed.

                                      C. Pay with CC: I can accept your CC information over the phone (never through email).

5. If a minor child (14 - 18) is scheduled for service, a parent or guardian must sign a 'consent to work with child form.' The session is private and must occur without parents in the room. Recommendations will be offered to parent and child. I cannot work on the phone with children younger than 14 years of age and certain situations I have to defer for face-to-face consultations.

6. At the time of your appointment, turn off your cell phone, TV, and iPad. There are no exceptions. If you answer a cell phone call or text, our session is over. There is no carry over of payment or session extension.

7. Advise family members (and pets!) that this is your private time and you are not to be disturbed. 

8. Preparing yourself for your session:

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Choose a room that offers privacy and a door you can close.
  • Sit in a comfortable chair, on a couch or bed.
  • Have a glass of tea or water.
  • Have a pen and paper available.
  • Kleenex is also a good idea.
  • You can play soft music in the background and/or light a candle.

9. Before you call me: Sit quietly for a few moments to focus on what you want to accomplish.

10. At the appointment time, call me at 412-344-2272 or log into SKYPE.

Thank You! I look forward to our time together and am honored to assist you. You'll feel better very soon!

Sanna Carapellotti, MS, CHt

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